Best Rice Cooker of 2015

Why are rice cookers so popular? It is the most useful appliance in the kitchen.
There are a lot of varieties of rice cookers that differ according to the type of heating, capacity, price and others features. Every housewife can choose the most appropriate variant.

All types of these machines can be defined into five categories:

1. Conventional rice cookers.
2. Cookers with microprocessor.
3. Induction rice cookers.
4. Cookers with a pressurized heating.
5. Rice cookers/steamers.

1. First division is considered to be the best helper of any white rice lover. You needn’t choose the program or receipt. Just pour the water, add white rice and push the power button to start the cooking. But such cookers aren’t very useful for brown rice, sushi, mixed rice, basmati, jasmine or other types of porridge because of its inability to adjust temperature mode and level of liquid in the rice.
2. Second class is well known as the “intellectual” rice cookers. They have microprocessor and from time to time called micom rice cookers or cookers with fuzzy logic. There are lots of different settings and function there and you have the opportunity to pick the appropriate temperature and time of cooking for the most delicious dish. Usually there is the programmed delay function that allow for cooking when you are not at home. The price for such cookers is significantly higher then for ordinary machines.
3. But induction rice cookers are even more useful. Thank to its electrical heating element the entire inner pan is being warmed but not only bottom as in ordinary models. The dish is cooked more evenly ant tasty.
4. Cookers with a pressurized heating can raise the temperature to a higher degree. This change the structure of starch in rice making the texture fluffier, softer and tastier. Also the time of cooking is significantly decreased.
5. Rice cookers/steamers are much better then conventional steamer or rice cooker. It mixes the best features of both appliances. Such cooker’s faster than usual steamer and more multifunctional than ordinary rice cooker. You can cook all types of rice, jambalaya, chili, steamed vegetables and meat.


The price for best rice cookers in 2015 very between $20 and $300. This range differs according to the class of rice cooker and to the quantity of functional programs.

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Best Rice Cookers with Discounts

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