Panasonic SR 1-1/2 Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR 1-1/2 Rice Cooker – the ideal cooker from one of the small appliance tecnology leaders. This Panasonic Cooker is for small families, singles, couples. They usually are on the go and don’t need the hassle of traditional rice cooking experiments. The Panasonic Rice Cooker makes life easier. It allows you to take time for the rest. You also can do what you need because the rice in the cooker is being cooked with automatic control.

This Panasonic model has some important features and stands out of other rice cookers in this unit category.


  • Automatic electricity saving and low consumption of power. On/off automatic feature turns off the cooker when the rice is cooked. The small size means small power consumption. So it helps you to save the electricity.
  • Non-stick surface. The aluminium cooking pan is heavily coated with stick-free material and easy to clean.
  • Indicator light. It helps you know if the cooking is still going even from a some distance. That’s very useful: you can steam food above the rice or add something while the rice cooker makes your meal.
  • The lid is see-through. Through tempered glass top cover of this model one can see the process of rice cooking. Due to easy monitoring you know about the rice is cooked.


There are good things about Panasonic rice cooker:

  • Basic operation suits the needs of small families from one to three persons;
  • Easy to use;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Not expensive;
  • Very durable;
  • Functional for years.


There’s just one – the cooker doesn’t have nor warmer or feature of warm keeping, but it doesn’t seems necessary for small families.

So, the conclusion is: a small rice cooker going with basic features Panasonic SR 1-1/2 Rice Cooker is the best in its category, a lot of customers usually agree with it.