Panasonic SR-DE103 Rice Cooker

People, who often eat rice and prefer to cook at home, should take a look at Panasonic SR-DE103. It’s a modern rice cooker with Fuzzy Logic technology. Users’ appreciation lets this rice cooker model get high ratings in different reviews. The producer promises that users will not have any reasons to go to the restaurant, because their rice, cooked at home, will be always fluffy and high quality.


Panasonic SR-DE103 is a white device with big gray LSD display. You can choose here working conditions depending on what you want to cook. There are also several buttons on the control panel – Turn on\off, Menu, Keep warm and Timer.

There are also some valuable accessories which complete the set. With the help of measuring cup, rice scoop and steaming basket using of this rice cooker will be easier and more comfortable.

Functions and possibilities

This rice cooker can be called multifunctional as using it you can cook different dishes from rice. First of all users can prepare white, brown and sticky rice. It’s the easiest part. On the LSD display you can also choose slow or quick (15-minutes) cook. With the help of Panasonic SR-DE103 users can prepare porridge or steam rice. This modern rice cooker can even bake a cake!

This rice cooker has a function of timer, so you can program when your dish should be ready. Timer has up to 24-hour setting, hot tasty rice will wait for your come back from work or walk. Moreover there is a function Keep warm. It means that after cooking your rice will stay warm up to twelve hours.

Capacities for small families

Panasonic SR-DE103 is meant for cooking 5 cups of rice. It’s easy to understand that we are talking about uncooked rice. After cooking you will get twice more rice. Planning your meal you should take in account, that Japanese cup size is smaller that American.

Fuzzy Logic technology

The rice cooker Panasonic SR-DE103 has micro-computer Fuzzy Logic – advanced technology in cookware. It gives users the opportunity to cook rice perfectly. The cooking temperature and time are automatically adjusted and depend on what you are going to cook. For example, for white rice the computer will choose one set of variables, but for a cake this set of variables will be absolutely different.

Advantages and disadvantages

As there is nothing ideal in the world, the rice cooker Panasonic SR-DE103 also has some advantages and disadvantages. Most users are satisfied with its work and mention such advantages:

  • Pros
    Compact size. You don’t need much space to keep your rice cooker. The power cord is removable, so it can be stored almost everywhere.
    Easy to clean. The inner pot can be easily removed from the external vessel. After cooking it’s enough to cool off your device and soak it, using soapy water. In some time everything comes off without any problems.
    Multifunctionality. You can cook any dishes from rice you want. All you need is to choose condition on the LSD display.
    Perfect rice. Thanks to Fuzzy Logic technology you can eat perfect rice like in the restaurant. The computer “knows” how to make perfect dish, no matter what rice you want to cook.
  • Cons
    Steam effect. You shouldn’t place your rice cooker close to kitchen cabinets made of wood as the steam can damage the material.
    Brown rice needs much time to be cooked. Some users are not satisfied with the fact, that you need to wait for 2 hours before brown rice is ready.
    Rice can be burnt. If you leave your rice in the rice cooker for a long time after getting ready it can burn slightly. It won’t happen if you use the function Keep warm.

Most users give best marks to the rice cooker Panasonic SR-DE103 and agree that all the disadvantages are not serious and very important. This model has pleasant design, acceptable price and cooks delicious dishes from rice.