Zojirushi Rice Cookers


Why can Zojirushi be considered as the best example of rice cooker among similar appliances worldwide? First answer is dependability of this brand. Japanese quality is highly-prized all over the world. Many users are very pleased with their Zojirushi rire cookers and could recommend it to friends. This review will help you to realize all advantages and disadvantages of this machine and draw your own conclusion.


1. Intellectual system: With this feature you will cook as a chef. Even if you are beginner in cooking you’ll able to prepare perfect rice. Computerized Fuzzy logic feature prevent burning, overcooking or undercooking of your rice.
2. Program features: Great advantage of this model is wide range of menu settings. With Zojirushi rice cooker you will cook delicious white rice, brown, sushi and mixed rice, fluffy porridge and jambalaya.
3. Keeping warm regime: This function is adorable by busy people who like to eat tasty warm dishes all the time.
4. Shape of the inner pan: spherical shape allows for heating the entire pan’ surface evenly making best conditions for cooking rice.
5. Detachable power cord: You shouldn’t think about different cords dangling over the working surface. Thank to retractable technology it can be neatly tucked in the rice cooker.
6. Retractable lid.
7. Easy cleaning: Thank to detachable lid and shape of the Zojirushi pan this rice cooker is really easy to clean and wash.
8. Durability: This rice cooker is not afraid of rust. Stainless steel body proves that this rice cooker is for long time use.


Keeping in mind the whole list of advantages everyone could understand that price of these rice cookers couldn’t be low. This eventually makes some buyers chose another brands, less dependable but also more inexpensive.